The video shows the performance that helped the artist Enzo Comin to disclose the “self-shaman”, the artistic interpretation of his message. This was possibile thanks the artist Manuel De Marco’s guide that, through his poetical and physical approach to investigate the reality, he is able to suggest the meaning of a necessary connection with (absent and present) dimensions. The self-shaman, indeed, is those who doesn't identify oneself in something, neither defined nor favourite, not even in oneself, so much so as is in a concrete form through the complementarity only. Therefore, on the video two actors shape a physical part and a no-physical one; the absolute, indefinite essence and the attributions assigned by other people; the double which in reality is unity and totality… The scene is designed as a single one entity and a single one event.

As it is told by Enzo Comin in his book VANGELO PRATICO (“a Practical Gospel” published by Anima Edizioni): creativity has just directly linked with the capability to create, that, regardless a concrete production of objects (i.e. in the case of a visual artist), allows to experiment a reality beyond differences, divisions, definitions and preferences. It's by going beyond this point that the creative man becomes full of creative power, with no limits and who can't rejecting anything. Unity and totality: everybody in this way is able to see to be (also) everything he/she desires to be; it already is, he/she hasn’t do anything to get it if recognizes oneself the author and not an instrument. Thus, everyone is responsible for each thing done in the own life by reading a meaning in everything, even in what before looked chaotic. The union condition leads, as a consequence, to a physical and mental wellness, because man creates the problems in the own life and the solutions as well, can’t point fingers or looking for helps elsewhere: so, it wouldn't need to look for a shaman or a healer… because one already is it.

The self-shaman, thus, is those who feels oneself as integral part of the harmony that is the base of an universal order, like if the whole universe takes part in the same sole event. The self-shaman, because of being aware of this event, is inevitably in it and an active part – and this is enjoyed by everyone and everything are in contact with him/her. 

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